Data Solutions

Well Communications can offer you all the leading data solutions for your business from email on the move to mobile broadband.

USB Dongles, Mifi units & 4G Routers allow you access to the internet, emails etc on all your devices using the mobile network. Smart devices ensure real time duplication of your emails, so no returning to the office in an evening just to catch up on your correspondence.

Synchronising information between mobile phones and the office has never been as important as it is now that a lot of business is done on the road from a mobile phone.

Diaries, contacts, and emails all need to be synchronised to both systems so that you can keep in touch wherever you are and don’t lose any information along the way.

Our consultants will make sure that you have the best equipment and contract to meet your needs for your data needs.

Please contact us for more details.

Sometimes cost savings are secured simply by synchronising data between mobile phones and the office to help increase productivity.

Synced calendars can mean appointments are less likely to be missed, savings can be made on time & calls back to the office for contact details, and simply duplicating emails to both devices so that they are available at all times, saves time!

How many people do you know who back up their phone data in case their phone is lost or damaged?

We can help you to get your important information on the move. Contact us for more information.